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#1 What is Arduino?

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What is a Microprocessor / Micro-controller ?

  • The processor is something that processes data and provides us the desired output.
  • The processor accepts one or more inputs, operates on them, and provides us with the desired output [Input is never equal to output, if it has to be then there is no processing done].
  • Digital Electronics operates on two levels[High & Low] and we have many different digital circuits, logical gates, etc. for processing data.
  • Soon technology developed, we had Integrated circuits & the whole digital world started to shrink.
  • We now had the circuit which could process data on a Micro-chip & from here came Microprocessors.
  • Microprocessors can be programmed according to the required application.
  • Microprocessors are found everywhere like phones, cars, computers & this list continues. On average a common man comes across 68 microprocessors a day!
  • And the funny thing is 98% of total Microprocessors lie outside computers! ๐Ÿ˜›
  • Micro-controller is a microprocessor to which we have attached external components. [visit the link for more details].

What is Arduino ?

  • Microprocessor requires many things for its working like a crystal, capacitors, etc. & then we have a circuit to which we can attach our input & output devices.
  • Now few people thought of making a circuit board [referred to as Development board] which had everything that is required for a Microprocessor to work!
  • Arduino was one such company that came up with a development board named Arduino & their own IDE to program the microprocessor on it.

Why Arduino ?

  • We can develop our own board too, but since Arduino does a good job we can have our project’s little work done. Arduino has a real wide range of Boards with many different processors on it, having different specifications.
  • And basically the IDE made by Arduino uses basics of C-programming & java to write programs, which are then compiled and burned [Written] on the chip. [Otherwise we need to write programs in Embedded C or Assembly Language & burn on a chip].
  • So using Arduino not only helps us from a hardware point of view but also our programming becomes very easy!

Visit the Arduino website:- click here. A list of Arduino Boards is here. For beginners it’s advisable to start off with a basic board like Arduino UNO. Even I had started with this & believe me it’s pretty easy. Once you learn using one development board you can really work on the rest of them easily & by yourself. Note:- Now this page might seem little way to easy for someone reading it, but one who wishes to learn Arduino must have a basic knowledge about Microprocessor, Microcontroller & Programming. [Obviously more then what I have mentioned :-P]. Visit the next post on ‘Installing Arduino IDE’.click here.

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